Home Conditions of Sale Stamps for sale

1. I sell stamps and souvenir sheets only in MNH (Mint Never Hinged) condition.

2. My prices for Bulgarian stamps are about 40% of the Michel catalogue values, that are shown on the site, and in many cases even lower.

3. I accept payment only in Euro.

4. As payment methods, I accept bank transfer and PayPal. Cash payment is not accepted anymore.

5. Customers from EU who use PayPal have to pay additionally 0.35 EUR + 3.4% of total amount. The others have to pay a fee according to the PayPal rules but no more than 0.35 + 5.1%.

6. Please use at PayPal my email address  email

7. I accept payment by bank transfer only from EU countries but without any additional charges.

8. If you use PayPal I will use a registered letter if the bought items are worth more than 3.00 EUR.

9. I cannot be held responsible for any lost mail sent without registration.

10. You have to pay the shipping costs. They are as follow (for letter up to 100 g):

  Weight grams Shipping costs EUR
Europe Outside Europe
Ordinary letter 0–20 1.05 1.35
21–50 1.40 1.95
Registered letter 0–20 3.30 3.60
21–50 3.65 4.20
51–100 4.20 4.70